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Energy Efficiency & Cost Saving

LED lighting provides the most efficient energy use of any lighting technology available, with up to 90% of the electrical power being converted to light. Traditional lighting only turns 20% of energy into light with the other 80% wasted as unnecessary heat. LED technology also lasts much longer and provides a cleaner and superior directional illumination to traditional lighting.

It’s no wonder more businesses are now converting to LED. Larger operations are set to gain the most in terms of major savings on energy use, maintenance and bills.

The more lighting a business uses, the more energy conserved and money saved by converting to LED

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LED lasts longer, cutting maintenance costs

The electrical maintenance required for lighting systems that receive harsh and continual use, sometimes 24 hours a day, can be overwhelming. The long life of the LED means vastly reduced maintenance costs; eliminating the time, expense and inconvenience of replacing traditional lamps. This also results in less downtime and health and safety risks posed by blown lamps and unlit areas.

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LED provides a better working environment and can boost productivity

It has been proven again and again that the switch to LED lighting provides a better working environment and indeed can boost the productivity of the business.

Energy Consumption: LED vs Traditional Lighting

A like for like comparison of a warehouse unit operating 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year, and paying 0.10 pence per kWh

Traditional Lighting vs LED Cost & Energy Comparison

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Converting to LED provides the most impressive payback for business

Any investment in LED lighting consistently returns a shorter payback and increased savings than any other energy efficiency measure. With LED lighting rated for up to 70,000 hours of operation it continues to return on its investment many times over.

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