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At LED Converting we provide a comprehensive service that covers everything you need to convert your business lighting to LED and start reaping the benefits. Our service consists of Lighting Auditing and LED installations for a variety of different commercial customers with applications from manufacturing to warehouse and office lighting.

We provide cost-efficient, highly-certified lighting solutions designed to save your business money on energy costs while also dramatically reducing the need for lighting maintenance and replacement.

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Our experienced installation teams are used to working in busy 24 hour operations with minimal disruption to production


Our Service

What proportion of your energy bill is taken up by the lit environment? Are you providing light in sections of your facility when it is not required?

Our lighting audit will help you better understand the true running cost of your existing lighting units. Identify not just efficiency savings through the installation of modern  lighting technology, but also opportunities to reduce consumption through the adoption of intelligent controls.

Your biggest cost is in doing nothing. Without obligation, let our team come along and carry out a no obligation lighting audit. How much could you save?

We have successfully developed large scale schemes across all sectors and have been partnering with energy companies, helping organisations fulfil recommendations from ESOS survey.

For LED installations, we provide a turnkey service; survey, design, supply, installation and disposal of lamps and fittings to WEEE regulations, access provision and all electrical adaption.

We have proven experience in manufacturing and warehousing where health and safety, business continuity and productivity are paramount during the installation phase.

We work with our supply chain to ensure the equipment we install is of the highest quality, collaborating with recognised manufacturers such as Meanwell and Osram. Supported by our supply partners, we offer a 5 year warranty on lamps and fittings as standard.

Industry standard Relux software is used in the development of our lighting designs, to give you comfort that the replacement lamps and fittings will perform to expectation.

Smart controls are fully commissioned as part of the installation programme, with 3 month review to ensure appropriate functionality for the users of the building.

How does it work?

Lighting Audit

Every lighting audit is bespoke to your business. Identify the true running cost of your existing lighting units, lamp by lamp, room by room, clearly identifying savings.

Design & Specification

With an understanding of the specific needs of your business from the lit environment, we work with our supply chain to identify the best solutions, Relux designs to luminaires and controls.

Bespoke Proposal

Using the data from the audit and the design process, we create a detailed lighting proposal to help you clearly understand the savings and the performance you can expect from the replacement luminaires and smart controls.

Funding & Finance Options

SME’s can benefit from cash contributions for energy efficiency measures. We handle any application process on your behalf, securing possible funding before the scheme gets underway.

Accredited Installation

We have all the appropriate electrical qualifications you would expect from a business in the sector, so you can also be confident that our installation has been carried out to the highest standard.

Support & Maintenance

We offer a 5 year warranty on lamps and fittings, so in the unlikely event of a failed unit we need to keep in touch. In addition to the warranty we offer a 3 month performance review, specific to luminaires and controls.

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